From: "bhakti.vikasa.swami"

 If you become sinful, there will be restriction of supply by laws of nature.
How is that? Just say you become diseased. The doctor will say, "Don't take
food." That is grace. When there is restriction of food supply by nature's
law, that is God's grace. Because God is good. He is starving you for your
welfare. Just like mother, when child is ill mother does not give food, and
other child is giving sufficiently. The one child may say who is diseased,
"Mother, you are not giving me cakes. Why you are giving to my brother?"
That is mother's consideration. You should not bother. That is mother's
decision that "This boy, this child, is diseased. If I give him food he will
die." See? Similarly, don't bother yourself that the poor man is suffering
or the rich man is enjoying. You simply take concern how to increase your
Krsna consciousness. That is real welfare work. God is taking care who is
supplying food to the animals, beasts, birds, so He will take care. And that
is law. No beast, no bird is dying out of starvation. Simply we are
mismanaging things. We are disobeying the laws of nature; therefore we are
in trouble, so-called civilized human society.

From Srila Prabhupada's lecture, January 11, 1969


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