A short story about how Krishna and Balaram Arrived in vrindavan!

The deities of Sri Sri Krishna Balaram, Radhe Shyam and Nitai Gaura were being transported from Jaipur to Vrindavan to be installed in their new temple on Ramnavmi day. It was the middle of the night, very quiet. Suddenly, just as the transport vehicle was coming close to the temple, hundreds of peacocks started to loudly ke-ka, all around the temple area. Sometimes the peacocks will crow when there are clouds in the sky or when they know clouds are forming. But this time there were no clouds. It was a transcendental call of happiness from the peacocks.  They were experiencing great bliss as if they knew that Lord Krishna was coming to stay in Vrindavan.

Just like, just before the monsoon season in Vrindavan, there may be some small thunderstorms with thunder and lightning. You can hear the peacocks jubilantly crowing because they know the rain will start soon. So this is that season, and the peacocks and brijwasis are very happy the hot summer was end soon.

In pauganda age Krishna wears clothes of different colors, but when He gets a little older he wears clothes the color of lightning. So when we see the lightning in the sky at the onset of the monsoon season and the dark clouds, we can immediately think of beautiful Krishna.

Srila Prabhupada wrote that full absorption in thought of Krishna is the highest platform of bhakti-yoga. (SB 7.1.27p)

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